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  • I rode a rainbow unicorn.

    We sailed across the sky.

    (I’d fed him lots of Skittles,

    since they always make him fly.)


    We took off like a comet

    on a long and graceful flight.

    And everywhere the people stopped

    and marveled at the sight.


    His path was bright and colorful.

    It sparkled, shimmered, shined,

    as he arced across the heavens

    shooting rainbows from behind.


    --Kenn Nesbitt


    Stop and marvel at this UNICORNS AND RAINBOWS-themed party set. Let your little one sparkle, shimmer and shine!


    The Full Setup Package includes:

    • 1 Piece 8X7 Feet Backdrop Print (Tarpaulin)
    • 1 Piece 3X6 Feet Backdrop Print (Tarpaulin)
    • 1 Piece Framed Name Chipboard for Stage
    • 1 Piece Framed Name Chipboard for Dessert Table
    • 24 Pieces 12” Paper Lanterns
    • 10 Pieces Centerpiece Toppers
    • 1 Piece 1.5X2 Feet Printed Signage
    • Installation Tools - Thumbtacks, Nylon String 
    • Electronic Invitation Design


    Don't know where to hang the props? No worries, you have an option to rent our backdrop stands and easels.


    Want to DIY but need help? Ask about our manpower services!


    Shipping is not included in the package cost. You will be able to choose your preferred mode of delivery as you process your order. 


    Unicorns and Rainbows - Full Setup Package

    Need an easel for the welcome signage
    Need a tarpaulin frame for the dessert table
    Need a tarpaulin frame for the stage backdrop
    • Security deposit is included for rentals of stage tarpaulin frame (P1,600.00), dessert table tarpaulin frame (P800.00) and easel (P400.00). The amount will be returned upon receiving the materials in good condition.