Hello Lockdown, Now What?

Lifestyle Changes & More

As if current life challenges weren't already making me crazy, this mighty meaty curve ball (with a capital C) came along. What were always fully-packed weekends turned to barely anything weekends and... crickets, distressed crickets at that (LOL). I had to "relearn" weekends and being a "society-approved" hands-on mom. Didn't sound too bad, right? In fact, it was supposedly a good change. I wish it was just as simple as going back to basics and realizing what truly matters most. But in reality, my staff were losing work, bills were piling up, and so many things had to be let go. And I'm not just talking about the tangible things that need to be let go. From losing our office and warehouse, to recalibrating my lifestyle choices, to wracking my brains for work alternatives, and to manage my family and staff's anxiety, suffering was my daily vibe. No amount of Tiktok or food deliveries could temper the stress and worries brought about by the very volatile lockdowns, that I have already learned to live with it (as with everybody else).

Ocular Must Go On for God's Surprise Project

Indeed, 2020 was a very humbling experience and I thank the Lord for His overflowing grace that kept me standing, kept me going. Right around this time last year, I experienced God's might in ways I could never have imagined. One thing led to another, and really, it's no accident how things turned out the way they did. His ways truly are not for us to fathom - we simply have to trust His perfect will, in His perfect time. And I know He's not done yet.

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